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Our New National Headquarters!

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Our future headquarters building in Middleburg, Virginia, will serve many important purposes for our organization. Its primary functions will be to provide offices for the MFHA executive director, as well as the staff of the association and foundations; to provide space for a large board room which can also be used for educational seminars; and to present selected items reflecting the history and art of American foxhunting, which will be informative both to those interested in the sport and the general public. The headquarters will be open to visitors at least three days per week, giving us a unique opportunity to tell the story of our cherished sport.

The new property contains an attractive, historic building and a beautiful garden and is located on the main street of Middleburg.

The headquarters will be open to visitors at least three days per week, giving us a unique opportunity to tell the story of our cherished sport.

Before we can move in, the property will require major renovations and we are asking for your support to help raise funds. Whether you give $5.00 or $5,000, you can be a part of our new headquarters, foxhunting visitors’ center, educational facility and office space. If you prefer to pay in installments, please fill out the Pledge Agreement Form and return to us at the MFHA Office.


Renovations would not be possible without the generous support of our donors. We would like to thank all the individuals who have made contributions towards our new headquarters:

  Ronald Ausman
Dr. John R. Babcock
Lori Baker
Mildred Baker
Hal & Linda Barry
Sunny S. Beaulieu
Dr. & Mrs. G. Marvin Beeman
Battle Creek Hunt
Carl M. Bouckaert
Carol Brambery
Alison Brown
Hugh Brown III
John T. Bohlayer
Thomas Cadier
Liz Callar
G.L. Carey
Caroline Hunt
Arthur Cirkus
Bruce Colley
Andrew & Debra Conaway
Kathy& Brad Coors
Xan Curran
Katherine Cutler
Paul & Joann Delaney
Robert Deline
Ian Dinwiddie
Mr. & Mrs. Demayo
Penny Denegre
Jean Derrick
John Dorrier
H. Benjamin Duke, III
Mary Ewing
Mercer & Katie Fearington
Mr.& Mrs. William G.Fendley III
Norman Fine
Freeport-McMoran Foundation
Terry & Bridget Foster
Parker Gentry
Lawrence & Marjorie Franko
Denise Genuit
Ginny Gibble
Keith Gray
Bill & Beth Grose
Maureen Golting
Eve Hampton
Mr&Mrs Douglas Hancock
Jock Hannum
Patricia Harris
Stephen B. Harris
Douglas Hayes
David & Andrea Herr
Henry & Alice Hooker
Patricia Hull
Elizabeth Hunter
Orrin Ingram
International Equestrian Fdn
David Keffeler
Edward Kelly
Thomas Kenan, III
Richard & Yolanda Knowlton
Lydia Kolbas
Mason & Mary Lu Lampton
Rene & Joan Latiolais
Ruth Lawler
Tony Leahy
Valerie Levin
George Mahoney
Tyra Malm
J.W.Y. Martin, Jr.
Judith McBean Foundation
Dr. Hildreth B. McCarthy
Liz McDade
Kathryn Masson
Malcom Matheson, III
Linda McLean
Edward & Sara Merritt
Jazz Johnson Merton
J.Patrick Michaels, Jr.
Middleburg Hunt
Taylor Miller
Moingona Hunt
Alice Muller
Adren Nance
Stuart Newman
Shanna O'Hare
Old North Bridge Hounds
Susan Orsini
Edith H. Overly
Terry & Linda Paine
Christy Petersen
Cynthia Long Porter
Mary Potter
Bibi Pride
Radnor Hunt
Tish & Warner Ray
Rappahannock Hunt
Suzy A. Reingold
Frederica Riahi
Kimberly Rich
Donna T. Rogers
Eleanor Russell
Cameron Sadler
Saxonburg Hunt
H. R. Slack
Elizabeth St. John
Kevin & Rebecca Schmeits
Brian Skowronek
Sharon Scott
Nina Sledge Burke
Hugh Sproul
Nancy & Bill Stahl
T. Garrick Steele
Lewis Sterler
Sally Stommen
Alexandra Storm
, In Memory of Georgia Storm Claessens
Alastair Strachan
Jeff Strider
Arlene Taylor
Mary Terpak
Kathy Tourney
Alan Van Wieren
Dr. & Mrs. Jack van Nagell
VA Foxhound Club
Laurie Volk
Cortni Ward
John H. Warren
Vivian Warren
Waterloo Hunt
Richard D. Webb
Julie Weir
Frank Welsh
Glee White
Erica Wiley
Mike Wilfley
Doll Williams
Harold P. Wilmerding
Edgar Wilson
Nancy Winter
Mr. & Mrs. C. Martin Wood, III
Jane Winegardner
Tad Zimmerman

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