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The threat from animal rights groups becomes greater every day. The MFHA has been a leader in fighting for the right to hunt with hounds. Indeed we are the only hound organization that receives regular media attention when issues with hunting with hounds occur. We did not seek this responsibility, nor do we have the funds that would allow us to properly address these issues. This mission has been thrust upon us because we are well organized and have been willing to stand in the front line fighting for the country lifestyles that are the fabric of our history and heritage. We accept this responsibility. We promote and support many country issues essential to hunting with hounds including equestrian sports, conservation issues, and the preservation of wildlife and habitat.

Since 1907 the MFHA has been the umbrella organization for foxhunting -- overseeing geographical boundaries of member hunts, pedigrees of registered foxhounds, standards of hound care and training, and guidelines of good sportsmanship. Our income has been derived solely from membership dues. Our membership, composed of about 750 Masters of Registered and Recognized hunts, is minuscule compared to the numbers we actually represent. If all individual members and supporters of member hunts joined the MFHA as subscribers we would represent over 18,000 people. If other groups who hunt with hounds and dogs could be persuaded to join, our numbers could soar and make us a political force to be reckoned with. BW Ride Photo by Janet Hitchen

The threat is real and getting worse. In England animal rights groups have focused on hunting with hounds as a first step in their radical agendas. If they succeed in achieving their stated goals, we or our children will end up living in a petless/meatless society. Animal rights organizations like PETA, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), The Fund for Animals and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) are close to many politicians. They contribute to political campaigns and are able to obtain representation that far exceeds their public support. Animal rights organizations also spend huge sums on education, advertising, and publishing sensational and false information which is totally misleading. Many, if not all, of these organizations are headquartered here in the United States. They are active in England at the present time because under that country's Labour government, to whose candidates they have donated well over one million pounds, they feel they have the easiest and quickest opportunity for success. Once that is accomplished they will turn their full attention on the United States and Canada.

Recently one of our prestigious government agencies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), contracted with two of the most radical animal rights organizations -- PETA and HSUS -- and conferred upon them the authority to dictate to us how and what we must do with our animals in the event of a disaster. These are animal rights organizations not animal welfare organizations. Our government and the media do not understand the difference between legitimate animal welfare organizations (care and abuse organizations) versus animal rights organizations (political groups with no tolerance for other lifestyles). The MFHA has made inroads in correcting the confusion between animal welfare and animal rights, but if field sports are to survive we must do a great deal more. Running Hounds Photo by Gregory Parker

The goal of the MFHA Subscribing Membership program is for all member hunts to be represented by 100% of their membership as supporters. Nothing less will answer the challenges we face. Also, we will advertise in other sporting publications in an attempt to build a still wider base of support. As a Subscribing Member of the MFHA, you will be taking a pro-active step in defense of your lifestyle by becoming part of an Association on the front line of the battle to preserve hunting with hounds and country life for future generations.

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