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Hunt Registration – from the MFHA Guidebook & Rules

Registration is the preliminary step that all groups interested in forming and operating a recognized hunting establishment must take. Current Masters must sign an agreement to be bound by the rules and regulations of the MFHA.

Before a new hunt can be registered, all of its individual members must be subscribing members of the MFHA.

Registration is provisional for one (1) year from the date granted and acts as a probationary period to test the character and permanence of any organization wishing to establish and properly maintain a pack of hounds. During the registration period, hunts must build up their organization to meet the requirements of the MFHA.

The procedure for applying for registration is to complete an application form and review a copy of the “MFHA Guidebook & Rules” to assure that all involved parties are fully aware of the MFHA requirements. The form should be executed and signed by the officers or the Masters of the applicant hunt and returned to the MFHA office. The application must be accompanied by a Foxhound Kennel List, as described in the Hounds section of this website, and a map clearly outlining the boundaries of the hunting country which the organization plans to hunt or is hunting and for which application is being made to record with the MFHA. The map should conform in size and scale to the standards set forth in the "Recording of Territory" section of this website.

In the recording of country by a new hunt, the record thereof shall be provisional and shall be made permanent only by vote of the Board of Directors of the MFHA not less than twelve (12) months after the date of registration. Only country that is not recorded to a registered or recognized MFHA hunt will be considered for recording by the applicant.

Photo by Elizabeth Scher A minimum of one (1) year must elapse from the date when a hunt is granted registration status to the date when it becomes eligible to apply for recognition.

A hound breeding program is essential for each member hunt to ensure continuity and the full range of age classes necessary to provide good sport. Hounds must be well mannered, pack-trained and obedient to voice and horn. Since hounds must be trained and controllable, training starts before a hound is a year old. Kennels must meet the qualifications of sanitation and space.

It should be clearly understood that the expiration of the provisional year of registration does not, in itself, entitle a hunt to recognition but merely makes a hunt eligible to apply for such status. The granting of recognition depends on the hunt having fulfilled all requirements of the MFHA.

If application for registration as an organized hunt and for recording of country has been granted, the standard fee (and an initiation fee) for such registration and recording shall be paid within thirty (30) days, and such a fee shall be paid annually so long as applicant hunt remains provisionally registered and recorded. All Masters of newly registered hunts must sign a statement that they will comply with all rules and guidelines of the MFHA.

Questions regarding registration, contact the MFHA Office.

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