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Horn Blowing Contest – from the Guide for Hound Shows, Puppy Shows & Performance Trials Horn Blowing Champion

Saturday, May 27, 2017
Morven Park - Leesburg, VA

Every show should have a Horn Blowing contest after the judging of hounds at the end of the show or the night before. It is very popular with the attendees and serves to encourage improvement of this vital skill.


  • Only huntsmen and professional or honorary staff are allowed to participate.
  • A prize of cash and/or trophy is appropriate for first place. Three (3) places should be awarded.
  • Hold the contest in an area that maximizes the sound of the horn to the crowd.
  • Before each call, state the name of the call that will be blown. This helps to educate your audience. The judges should select three or four hunting calls to be blown, such as finding the fox, gone away, gone to ground and going home (end of day).
  • Position the judges so they cannot see the participants when they blow.
  • Giving a number from one to ten for each of the calls simplifies judging.
  • Have two or three finalists have a blow off, if appropriate.

The National Horn Blowing Championship location has changed. The championship will now be held at the Virginia Hound Show in May. The new championship rules will allow any MFHA member hunt staff to compete regardless of if they've won another hound show competition. The MFHA will provide the 1st place winner with an engraved hunt horn, their name on the perpetual silver horn trophy and prize money. There will be three US or Canadian judges each year chosen by the Virginia Hound Show and the MFHA. Since this is a North American contest, foreign judges cannot judge.

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