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Foxhound Kennel List – from the MFHA Guidebook

(l) Masters of all Hunts are required to send the Keeper of the Stud Book a list of all hounds in their kennels each year. The list should be sent in (with pedigrees for the registration of the current year's entry) after the beginning of the regular fall hunting season and before December 31st. Printed hound lists such as published by many Hunts at the beginning of each season are acceptable.

(m) ENTERED HOUNDS. The list should give the prefix (if different from the name of the Hunt submitting the list), name, year of entry and sex for each entered hound, sire and dam. It should be arranged chronologically by year of entry and by litters within each year. Within each litter the hounds should be alphabetically listed, first dogs, then bitches. If you wish to indicate the breed, use the letters A, PM, E, or CB for American, Penn-Marydel English or Crossbred.

(n) UNENTERED HOUNDS. The list should show unentered hounds with their sires and dams under a separate heading. They may be listed individually or by litter. A litter may be described, for instance, as "unnamed litter" or "six puppies." It is useful to establish this breeding record since a year or more may elapse before a pedigree is sent to the Stud Book office.

Kennel List Form (click to download)

Kennel List Form

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