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Hound Registration Forms

3-Generation Pedigree Form

3Gen Pedigree Form

Kennel List Form

Kennel List Form

What Forms You Need

Hound Registration Process

The 2 forms listed above will will be sent to the Master in charge of hound registration of each year. The MFHA online hound search is available to assist with completing three-generation pedigrees. Completion deadline is December 31st. Any member hunt that does not submit its list by December 31st will be charged a $100 fine.

What the MFHA needs to Register Hounds…

  1. One Kennel List per hunt that lists all entered, unentered and listed hounds
    *All active member hunts are required to have 12 couple, and drag hunts are required to have 6 couple.
  2. One Three-generation Pedigree per litter to be registered
    *Unregistered MFHA sire or dam must have a complete three-generation pedigree
  3. There are many scenarios regarding hound registration. To help guide you, please refer to the "What Forms You Need" chart above.

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