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Territory Disputes – from the MFHA Guidebook

Disputes between Hunts tarnish the image of mounted foxhunting and are not in the best interests of the sport. Disputes, when they do arise, must be settled as quickly and quietly as possible and in a courteous manner. If the Masters involved believe they cannot settle the dispute themselves, they may ask their District Representative to mediate the dispute or they may contact the MFHA Executive Director to request help. The Executive Director will gather the facts and provide them to the President and the District Representative.

When a dispute cannot be solved at the local level or has reached the point that it could be detrimental to foxhunting’s image, the President, in his discretion, may appoint a committee to try to mediate a decision. That committee normally will consist of three (3) knowledgeable, experienced foxhunters (they need not be on the Board of Directors) of neutral persuasion. They will travel to the area, investigate and interview both sides. If the committee cannot obtain a solution agreeable to both sides, the aggrieved parties may request to go before the Territory Committee of the Board of Directors.

In that case, the Territory Committee may hold a hearing and report its findings and conclusions to the Board, which will decide the matter according to the laws of common sense and the rules and traditions of mounted foxhunting. In arriving at its decision, the Board will consider the wishes of the hunts in dispute and the landowners in the hunting country.

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