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Member Hunts – from the MFHA Guidebook & Rules

Member hunts are Registered or Recognized by vote of the Board of Directors of the Masters of Foxhounds Association. HuntsRecognition and Registration are granted on an annual basis.

Registration of a Hunt - Registration is the preliminary step that all groups interested in forming and operating a recognized hunting establishment must take. The procedure for applying for registration is to complete an application form and review a copy of the “MFHA Guidebook & Rules” to assure that all involved parties are fully aware of the MFHA requirements. The form should be executed and signed by the officers or the Masters of the applicant hunt and returned to the MFHA office. The application must be accompanied by a Foxhound Kennel List, as described in the Hounds section of this website, and a map clearly outlining the boundaries of the hunting country which the organization plans to hunt or is hunting and for which application is being made to record with the MFHA. The map should conform in size and scale to the standards set forth in the "Recording of Territory" section of this website.

Recognition of a Hunt - When a registered hunt becomes eligible to apply for the status of recognition, an officer or a Master of the registered hunt shall write a formal letter applying for recognition to the Executive Director of the MFHA. This letter shall state that the applicant hunt feels it is qualified for recognition and that it has fulfilled all requirements for such status. The Executive Director of the MFHA shall give the application to the representative of the district in which the applicant hunt is located, with the request that he or she inspect the applicant's hunting establishment and hunting activities. The hunt should provide a suitable horse for the director to ride. After the inspection has been accomplished, the district representative shall report a recommendation to the board of directors for appropriate action.

HuntsWhen a Hunt is notified that it has been recognized, it shall pay the standard fee within thirty (30) days and each year thereafter shall pay an annual re-recognition fee.

Inactive Period of a Hunt - The inactive period of a member hunt shall be reviewed by the executive committee every three (3) years, during which time it will be considered an “inactive registered” hunt. The hunt can be dropped from registration and its claim to recorded country expired at any time if the board of directors does not see progress toward active status.

Application for inactive or reorganizational status must be submitted to the MFHA Executive Director for action by the board of directors and should set forth the reasons for inactivity, the date when the hunt became inactive and what disposition, if any, has been made of its hounds.

Annual Questionnaire - Every year the hunt is required to complete the MFHA Annual Questionnaire. The questionnaires are sent from the MFHA office in the Spring and are due back mid June. Answers to this questionnaire are used to edit annual directories published in Baily's Hunting Directory online, in Covertside, and in the MFHA Master’s and Huntsmen’s Directory.

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