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MFHA Legislative Information – from the Guidelines for Developing a Plan to Manage Anti-hunting Demonstrations

The threat from animal rights groups becomes greater every day. The MFHA has been a leader in fighting for the right to hunt with hounds. Indeed we are the only hound organization that receives regular media attention when issues with hunting with hounds occur. We did not seek this responsibility, nor do we have the funds that would allow us to properly address these issues. This mission has been thrust upon us because we are well organized and have been willing to stand in the front line fighting for the country lifestyles that are the fabric of our history and heritage. We accept this responsibility. We promote and support many country issues essential to hunting with hounds including equestrian sports, conservation issues, and the preservation of wildlife and habitat.

To stay current on the latest legislative information in your area, click on any of the links in the column on the right. We've also provided some of the articles and video links sent to our membership below.

The latest animal rights legislative articles:

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