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Never before has it been so important for foxhunters to look toward the horizon. If we do not take steps to help ensure our sport carries on for future generations; then other misguided forces will almost certainly try to ensure that it does not. We invite you to support foxhunting through the many programs maintained by the MFHA.

Membership Become a Subscribing Member
Subscribing Membership is just $35 and goes directly towards the MFHA goals to promote, preserve, and protect the sport of mounted hunting with hounds. Membership is open to anyone who cares about the future of country lifestyles and wants their voice and vote to make a difference. MFHA offers a variety types of membership, see below to choose the best one for you.

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Contribute to the new headquaters renovation
Your contribution to our new headquarters will assist in the creation of a foxhunting visitors' center, educational facility and office space.

If you prefer to pay in installments, please fill out the Pledge Agreement Form and return to us at the MFHA Office.

MFHA Foundation Make a donation to the MFHA Foundation
Contributions will help educate the public about the sport of foxhunting, promote the conservation of lands, facilitate the preservation of natural habitats, and support and encourage research on health, welfare and training of hounds and horses.

Make a donation to the Hunt Staff Benefit Foundation
The MFHA Foundation performs most of its work directly, but also makes grants to other organizations supporting foxhunting and related work, including the Hunt Staff Benefit Foundation. The HSBF offers critical financial support to professional staff and their families in times of need.

If a specific portion of any gift is to be dedicated to the Hunt Staff Benefit Foundation, please make that clear in the notes section while in the check out window.

MFHA Foundation Legacy Make a legacy donation to the MFHA Foundation
Since its beginning, the MFHA Foundation has raised money to help preserve foxhunting for future generations by holding events and offering programs, such as seminars, the Legacy Program, the Professional Development Program and certain Centennial activities. The MFHA Foundation continues to raise funds to educate, conserve and preserve foxhunting for future generations, and also collects funds designated for the Hunt Staff Benefit Foundation's work, ensuring such funds remain dedicated to furthering the Hunt Staff Benefit Foundation’s mission.

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Wall of Recognition Give a memorial gift
Give a memorial gift or acknowledge a foxhunter that makes a difference! A memorial or recognition gift to the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) is a unique personal remembrance that honors the life of a loved one, friend, relative, or animal - those who make a difference in our lives.

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