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Subscribing Membership

Subscribing Membership to the MFHA is open to anyone who cares about the future of country lifestyles and wants their voice and vote to make a difference. MFHA offers a variety types of membership, see below to choose the best one for you.

Need to change your mailing or email address? Send an email to the

Individual Subscribing Membership
$35.00 (US & Canada)
$50.00 (International)
Professional Subscribing Membership $35.00 (US & Canada) Subscribe
Junior Subscribing Membership (under 18)
I certify that parental consent is given when added to basket
$10.00 (US & Canada)
$18.00 (International)
Family Subscribing Membership $100.00 (US & Canada)
$110.00 (International)
Life Subscribing Membership $1,000.00 Subscribe
Perpetuity Membership
$20,000.00 Subscribe

If you are purchasing a gift subscription, or including multiple subscriptions in one order, please provide the name and mailing address of the recipient(s) in the "Add special instructions for your order" field which is on the Your Shopping Cart page. Also, please note where the gift certificate should be sent.

You can print out the membership form and mail in with your check or credit card information or register online by clicking any of the above links.

In recognition of your subscription you will receive:

  • Four (4) issues of MFHA’s Covertside foxhunting magazine per year and a monthly subscription to the eCovertside electronic newsletter.
  • Regular mailings with information to keep you updated on current events.
  • A bumper sticker to proudly display your support for country sports.
  • Invitations to the Staff Seminar held every two years at various locations where you will have the opportunity to mix with and learn from some of the most knowledgeable foxhunters in the world.
  • You may participate in all MFHA events to include: performance trials, field hunter championships, joint meets, and the MFHA Ball.
  • Emails and updates on animal rights and conservation issues to save foxhunting for future generations.
  • Member savings on Accu-Metrics Microchip Plus Program.
  • Also, as an MFHA Subscribing Member, you are eligible to receive a variety of discounts from vendors.

MFH & ex-MFH Dues

Must be an elected member in good standing with the MFHA. This is an annual membership, January to December.  Due by March 31st of each year.

MFH & ex-MFH Annual Dues
$250.00 Pay Dues
MFH Initiation Fee
$100.00 Pay Dues
Lifetime MFH Dues
*this includes your lifetime SM dues
$3,500.00 Pay Dues

Member Hunt Dues

For registered and recognized hunts with the MFHA. This is an annual membership, January to December. Due by March 31st of each year.

Member Hunt Annual Dues
$400.00 Pay Dues
Member Hunt Initiation Fee
$1,000.00 Pay Dues

Hound Show & Performance Trial (HSPT) Dues

Any hunt that wishes to exhibit hounds in any of the sanctioned hound shows must pay the annual hound show and performance trial fee to the MFHA.

Hound Show & Performance Trial (HSPT) Dues
$100.00 Pay Dues

Foxhound Litter Registration Dues

There is a fee for the registration or listing of hounds. Upon registration, the Keeper of the Stud Book will return a confirmation sheet showing all registrations in the form in which they will be published, with a bill for the fee ($25 per litter). The sheet should be checked for accuracy and agreement with the Hunt's records.

Foxhound Litter Registration Dues
$25.00 per litter Pay Dues

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