By Kalie Wallace-Smith, Huntsman Shawnee Hounds

Heading into the Long Run Woodford Hounds Performance Trial, we had one goal, to try to qualify one or two hounds for the MFHA Performance Trials National Championship in Hoffman, North Carolina. I brought my top-five hounds to compete with that hope. This was my third performance trial since becoming the huntsman for Shawnee Hounds. We were there to have an educational weekend and make new friends with fellow foxhunters.  Shawnee Hounds had competed and won at Belle Meade Performance Trials in 2020 and 2021. We knew how the trials worked but with different packs each time you never know who will come out on top. We are proud to say that we can add Long Run Woodford Hounds Performance Trial 2021 to our winning streak.

Kalie Wallace-Smith and Shawnee Dart, champions of the Long Run Woodford Hounds Performance Trial. 

Kalie Wallace-Smith, Shawnee Hound’s huntsman for the Long Run Woodford Hounds Performance Trial. Photos courtesy of Kalie Wallace-Smith

In the kennel, Shawnee Dart is a very sweet and loveable hound. When we gather in the kennel yard she enjoys coming up for hugs. Epp Wilson, Huntsman at Bluegrass Performance Trial, commented that, “she was so shy in the gathering yard.” I was watching her from the corner of my eye, trying to stay out of view so that they would focus on Epp. I also recognized her behavior and had expected that this is how she would act in the gathering yard. She is a Penn-Marydel that can be timid around others. Fred Berry understands her personality because her breeding does go back to his lovely Sedgefield Budweiser. She knows her people, knows her job and wants to get to it. She listens to instruction and takes criticism well when needed. For example, when coming home at the end of the day, she may not be happy about it and will try to continue hunting if you don’t keep an eye on her. However, when told, she packs in and comes home. We are hoping she passed on her wonderful hunting abilities to her offspring, who are entering their first season this year.

Some of the many ribbons Shawnee Hounds won at the Long Run Woodford Hounds Performance Trial. Photo courtesy of Kalie Wallace-Smith

Group photo of the Long Run Woodford Hounds Performance Trial Participants. Photo courtesy of the Foxhound Performance Trials Facebook group