Do you remember what you were doing this month back in 1998? Did you read the Covertside that month? If not, you can view it here. (insert link to the copy of the magazine Covertside July 1998)

…the Biennial Seminar hosted by Arapahoe Hunt in Denver, Colorado. Approximately 250 foxhunters were reported to of attended that seminar, representing 50 hunts. The seminar was held at the Hilton South Hotel and subjects included: “Conservation of Native Game”, “Accessing Public Land”, “Whipping In from the Huntsman’s Perspective” and “Horse Confirmation of the Field Hunter.” The same topics can be discussed through the years!

…”In the Tracks of Mountain and Muse,” an article by Norman Fine. A well-written article about the imported Irish couple of hounds and their beginnings into the USA from Europe in the early 1800s. These 2 hounds have made the base for some packs today like Howard County in Maryland, to the Midland Hunt in the south, the July hound and touching in to packs along the way in Kentucky known as the Trigg & Birdsong hounds. Mountain and Muse produced foundation progenitors of the American hound types to come.

…”Beacons Across The World”
Foxhunters that year from America, Canada, Ireland, France, and Spain demonstrated support for the English countryside, which was set ablaze with more than 6000 beacons, the historic symbol of alarm. Beacons were lit from one end of the North America continent to the other. Support not only from the MFHA member hunts, but from the night hunters as well. At Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia the former Executive Director Dennis Foster and James Young, ex MFH of Orange County Hunt addressed the crowd. They explained why the fight in England is our fight as well. They encouraged us all to band together with other hunting and animal enthusiasts to reach the people and the media with the truth. Gregory Chip Anderson, from the Tryon hounds in NC attended and blew his horn amongst the crowd gathered to demonstrate the support for their foxhunting colleagues in England. Beacons Across the world in February was followed by an immensely successful Countryside March in London.

…”Ten Year Old Raises $500 for the MFH Educational Foundation” Norma Zakroff, who was 10 at the time, heard about the ongoing battle to ban foxhunting and decides to fundraise! Norma and her mother consulted Dennis Foster, the MFHA Executive Director at the time, by telephone. She canvassed to secure commissions for foxhunting portraits. She already had the basic artwork completed from an earlier project-to-pen and ink drawing of a foxhunting scene.