United States Pony Club

by Marian Wahlgren, Development Director

The Live Oak Hounds Pony Club Foxhunting Challenge was a huge success this year. Thanks to the generosity of Marty and Daphne Wood, this challenge provides a tremendous financial boost to the winning Pony Clubs.

Congratulations to all who took the challenge! We saw increased member participation and number of days in the hunt field.

A total of 116 Pony Club members and 10 Pony Clubs and hunts participated, with 807 days in the hunt field. That number is almost 100 more hunt days than the prior year. Congratulations to the following clubs and thank you to Marty and Daphne Wood for making this opportunity possible:

  • 1st place – Spring Valley Hounds, $3,200, Hunted with Spring Valley Hounds
  • 2nd place – Cedar Knob Pony Club, $2,500, Hunted with Mells Fox Hounds
  • 3rd place – Blue Mountain Pony Club, $1,500, Hunted with Rose Tree-Blue Mountain Hunt
  • 4th place – Old Dominion Hounds Pony Club, $1,200, Hunted with Old Dominion Hounds
  • 5th place – Elkridge-Harford Pony Club, $800, Hunted with Elkridge-Harford Hunt
  • 6th place – Mountain Skyline Pony Club, $700, Hunted with Farmington Hunt
  • Honorable Mention: Metamora Hunt II Pony Club (hunted with Metamora Hunt); Deep Run Hunt Pony Club (hunted with Deep Run Hunt); Cedar Hills Pony Club (hunted with Mells Fox Hounds); Loudoun Hunt Pony Club (hunted with Loudoun Hunt).

Read more about the Live Oak Foxhunting Challenge on the Pony Club Blog and click here for details. If you need help finding a hunt near you, visit the Masters of Foxhounds Association website.

Pony Club is looking forward to hosting the International Foxhunting Exchange in Aiken, SC November 18 – 28. The U.S. Pony Club team members for the Exchange have been selected and we’re pleased to welcome

  1. Lydia Eilinger, member from Milton Pony Club who hunts with Genesee Valley Hunt
  2. Michaela Frye, member from Mill Creek Pony Club who hunts with Ft. Leavenworth Hunt
  3. Delaney O’Neil, member from Elkridge-Harford Hunt Pony Club who hunts with Elkridge-Harford
  4. Johanna Stahl, member from Quentin Pony Club and has hunted with Rose Tree-Blue Mountain
  5. The Team Manager is Nicola Watson from the Sunshine Region, who is the DC of the Live Oak Hounds Pony Club.

Details about the Exchange will be forthcoming.