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District: Virginia  
Deep Run Hunt Club, Sunday, November 6, 2022,  Manakin Sabot, Va. 

District Qualifier Chairs: Ginny Perrin, MFH Co-Chair, 804-338-0126 c. 

                                            Marsh Davis, MFH Co-Chair 

Judges: Sue Bopp and Joy Crompton, MFH and Rob Scranton, MFH Howard County/Ironbridge Hunt and Kathy Scranton, Howard County/Ironbridge Hunt and Mary Robertson, ex MFH, Deep Run.

Best Turned Out:   

Rider/Owner: Sophia Goluses 
Horse: Knight 
Breed/Age/Color: Percheron Cross, black, 14 yr. 
Hunt Affiliation: Deep Run Hunt 

Adult/Junior Hunter: 

First Place: 
Rider/Owner: Kasandra Wohlschlegel/Sophia Goluses 
Horse: Divine Oath 
Breed/Age/Color: TB., bay, 12 yr.  
Hunt Affiliation: Deep Run Hunt 

Second Place: 

Rider/Owner: Adair Frayser 
Horse: Super Nova 
Breed/Age/Color: American Warmblood, bay, 16 yr. 
Hunt Affiliation: Deep Run Hunt 

Third Place: 

Rider/Owner: Kip Holloway, MFH 
Horse: Fincastle 
Breed/Age/Color: Han/TB, bay, 12 
Hunt Affiliation: Farmington Hunt 

Fourth Place: 

Rider/Owner: Annie Sikorski 
Horse: Go Quick Go 
Breed/Age/Color: TB, grey, 11 yr.  
Hunt Affiliation: Bull Run Hunt 

Fifth Place

Rider/Owner: Elizabeth Stutts 
Horse: Hampton Boy 
Breed/Age/Color: Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse/Han., chestnut, 11 yr. 
Hunt Affiliation: Deep Run Hunt 

Sixth Place: 

Rider/Owner: Bethany Wood 
Horse: Faline 
Breed/Age/Color: Hanoverian, chestnut, 20 yr 
Hunt Affiliation: Farmington Hunt 

Adult/Junior Hilltopper 
First Place: 

Rider/Owner: Stuart Sanders 
Horse: Sputnik 
Breed/Age/Color: Russian Warmblood, black, 24 yr. 
Hunt Affiliation: Caroline Hunt 

Second Place: 

Rider/Owner: Kallie Hainline 
Horse: Dee 
Breed/Age/Color: AQHA, buckskin, 20 yr. 
Hunt Affiliation: Bedford Hunt 

Third Place: 

Rider/Owner: Megan Profitt 
Horse: Soldier 
Breed/Age/Color: 14.2 Paint pony, 21 yr. 
Hunt Affiliation: Deep Run Hunt 

Fourth Place: 

Rider/Owner: Jane Whittemore 
Horse: Dillon 
Breed/Age/Color: QH Cross, chestnut, 18 yr. 
Hunt Affiliation: Deep Run Hunt 

Fifth Place: 

Rider/Owner: Megan Winfield 
Horse: Whisper of a Joker 
Breed/Age/Color: QH, bay, 14 yr.  
Hunt Affiliation: Deep Run Hunt 

Sixth Place: 

Rider/Owner: Courtenay Cohen 
Horse: Always a Suspect 
Breed/Age/Color: TB, grey, 8 yr.  
Hunt Affiliation: Princess Anne Hunt