Hark Forward Initiative

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North American Grand Championship Performance Trials - Hark Forward!

November 4 -7, 2018

Fitzpatrick, AL

Through nearly three centuries of mounted foxhunting in North America, sportsmen from north and south, from Canada and the United States, from snowy mountains to cypress swamps have gathered to settle the age-old question, “Whose hound is best?” A few celebrated meetings have achieved iconic status over time. These include the Great Hound Race of 1905, the Hardaway Performance Trials of 2000, and the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) Centennial Performance Trial of 2007. The

North American Grand Champion Foxhound Performance Trial is sure join those ranks as one of the most thrilling contests ever in our sport.

Over the 2017-2018 season, nearly 300 of the top hounds hunting today competed in 12 regional performance trials from California to New York. These trials identified the keenest, hardest- working, and finest-tracking hounds out of all 151 packs registered with the MFHA. To determine the very best of these superlative canines, Mason Lampton’s Midland Fox Hounds will host two days of field trials through the challenging territory around Fitzpatrick, AL, before an all-star team of mounted judges with decades of shared experience.

The 7,000-member MFHA is looking to the future with its recent acquisition of new headquarters in Middleburg, VA, just outside our nation’s capital. The organization’s 2017-18 Hark Forward initiative raised funds for the building’s renovation through hound trials, equestrian competitions, and social activities. This Championship is designed to crown the best hound and be the final fundraiser. What better way to conclude this celebratory season of camaraderie and friendly rivalry than with an unprecedented collection of top hunting hounds competing over two days in the field?

This Benefactor opportunity will allow you to see the best of hunting. The field will be limited so to reserve your spot to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event, contact office@mfha.com.

The MFHA Foundation’s Hark Forward initiative consists of friendly competitions and events nationwide to connect foxhunters, to celebrate all aspects of our sport and to raise funds for the renovations of the new National Headquarters in Middleburg, VA. The new Headquarters and Museum will be a symbol of our historic traditions and commitment to hunting’s future and will be a platform to educate about our rich history, expound the values of hunting and rural tradition, and grow our sport.


Hark Forward Performance Trial Results

Massbach/Fox River Valley Performance Trial Results - 16-17 Sept 2017

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Top Overall Hound

1. Hillsboro Dagwood

2. FRVH/Massbach Bracket

3. Mill Creek Dallas

4. Hillsboro Bridget

5. Midland Caper

6. Fox River Valley Daffodil

7. Hillsboro Salty

8. Fox River Valley Parquet

9. Fox River Valley Convoy

10. Bridlespur Powder

Top Overall Pack

1. Hillsboro Hounds

2. Fox River Valley Hunt/ Massbach Hounds

3. Midland Fox Hounds

Huntsman's Choice

Fox River Valley / Massbach Bracket

Millbrook Performance Trial Results - 24-26 Sept 2017

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Top Overall Hound

1. Essex Oatlands

2. Genesee Valley Tempo

3. Golden's Bridge Pippa

4. Genesee Valley Hughston

5. Rose Tree-Blue Mountain Bridle

6. Essex Burma

7. Genesee Valley Hidden

8. Golden's Bridge Fortitious

9. Rose Tree-Blue Mountain Watchman

10. Genesee Valley Telltale

Top Overall Pack

1. Genesee Valley Hunt

2. Rose Tree-Blue Mountain Hunt

3. Essex Fox Hounds

Huntsman's Choice

Moore County Hound Trial Results - 13-15 October 2017

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Top Overall Hounds

1. Camden Igloo

2. Aiken Lacrosse

3. Aiken Euro

4. Wiggins Roland

5. Cedar Knob Archer

6. Cedar Knob Trailer

7. Camden Flirt

8. Thorton Hill Ruth

9. Cedar Knob Caleb

10. Sedgefield Koi

Top Overall Pack

1. Aiken Hounds

2. Cedar Knob Hounds

3. Camden Hunt

Huntsman's Choice

Camden Igloo

Bull Run/Rappahannock Hark Forward Fall Classic

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Top Overall Hound

1. Talisman Bull Run

2. Nicely Bull Run

3. Prosper Blue Ridge

4. Damsel Bull Run Hunt

5. Pouncer Deep Run Hunt

6. Wizard Deep Run Hunt

7. Embargo Thorton Hill Hounds

8. Bonfire Tennessee Valley Hounds

9. Napkin Blue Ridge Hunt

10. Bellemaid Bull Run Hunt

Top Overall Pack

1. Bull Run Hunt

2. Blue Ridge Hunt

3. Deep Run Hunt

Huntsman's Choice

Tartan Blue Ridge

Hillsboro Performance Trial - Dec 1-2

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Top Overall Hounds

1. Longreen Leaf

2. Shawnee Zine

3. Cedar Knob Archer

4. Rose Tree Kudos

5. Mells Hailey

6. Mells Axel

7. Cedar Knob Caleb

8. Mells Quantum

9. Long Run Saigon

10. Tennessee Valley Magellin

Top Overall Pack

1. Longreen Foxhounds

2. Mells Fox Hounds

3. Cedar Knob

Huntsman's Choice

Shawnee Zin

Aiken Drag Performance Trials Jan 11-12

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Top Overall Hounds

1. Aiken Euro

2. Aiken Lacrosse

3. Sewickley Deacon

4. Aiken Pigeon

5. Sewickley Shilo

6. Aiken Zombie

7. Aiken Motor

8. Middleton Place Lauger

9. Sewickley Sampson

10. Middleton Place Bowtie

Top Overall Pack

1. Aiken Hounds

2. Sewickley Hunt

3. Middleton Place Hounds

Huntsman's Choice

Aiken Euro

Belle Meade Performance Trials Jan 18-20

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Top Overall Hounds

1. Whiskey Road Kildare

2. Saxonburg Postman

3. Midland Shilo

4. Whiskey Road Wicklow

5. Belle Meade Gallant

6. Midland Bliss

7. Midland Saber

8. Whiskey Road Grinder

9. Aiken Vampire

10. Belle Meade Dahlia

Top Overall Pack

1. Midland Fox Hounds

2. Whiskey Road Foxhounds

3. Belle Meade Hunt

Tejon Performance Trials

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Top Overall Hounds

1. Grand Canyon Lolo

2. Grand Canyon Clint

3. Grand Canyon Kobalt

4. Grand Canyon Komet

5. Red Rock Edna

6. Santa Ynez Eager

7. Santa Ynez Lautrec

8. Red Rock Yelp

9. Santa Ynez Easy

10. Santa Ynez Hubert

Top Overall Pack

1. Grand Canyon Hounds

2. Santa Ynez Vally Hounds

3. Red Rock Hounds

Wicomico Performance Trials March 2-4, 2018

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Top Overall Hounds

1. Thornton Hill Zeus

2. Thornton Hill Lentz

3. Marlborough Vice Admiral

4. Carrollton Hounds Korvette

5. Marlborough Valor

6. Red Mountain Remus

7. Marlborough Vidalia

8. Kimberton Bathtub

9. Thornton Hills Bourbon

10. Thornton Hills Utz

Top Overall Pack

1. Thornton Hill Hounds

2. Carrollton Hounds

3. Kimberton Hunt Club

Mission Valley PT March 16-18

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Top Overall Hounds

1. Fort Leavenworth Tracker

2. Mission Valley Belle

3. Bridlespur Gin

4. Bridlespur Bond

5. Mill Creek Dallas

6. North Hills Lyse

7. Mill Creek Dakota

8. Mission Valley Edna

9. Mission Valley Email

10. Fort Leavenworth Simon

Top Overall Pack

1. Bridlespur Hunt

2. Mission Valley Hunt

3. Fort Leavenworth Hunt

Huntsman's Choice

North Hills Lyse

Carolinas PT March 30-1 Apr

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Top Overall Hounds

1. Sedgefield Koli

2. Red Oak Bishop

3. Long Green Future

4. Stonewall Classy

5. Cedar Knob Cody

6. Stonewall Jersey

7. De La Brooke Kracker

8. Last Chance Ruth

9. Moore County Trainwreck

10. Goodwin Gallahad

Top Overall Pack

1. Sedgefield Hunt

2. Red Oak Foxhounds

3. Stonewall Hounds

Arapahoe Performance Trials Apr 7-8

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Top Overall Hounds

1. Grand Canyon Trapper

2. Grand Canyon Lolo

3. Tejon Kid Rock

4. Grand Canyon Clint

5. Tejon Viper

6. Tejon Nonnie

7. Grand Canyon Cobalt

8. Tejon Nelly

9. Grand Canyon Crank

10. Grand Canyon Komet

Top Overall Pack

1. Grand Canyon Hounds

2. Tejon Hounds

3. Bijou Springs Hunt

**For Performance Trial Scores, go to http://ptm.mfha.com/

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