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Ornament Arrows

The Supporters of Lowcountry Hounds invites those of all ages, hunts, clubs and more to their Lowcountry Hunt Fun Day Terrier Trials this weekend on April 17th. All proceeds from the day’s events will go directly to the care and welfare of the hounds. More information can be found here: Lowcountry Hunt #MFHA #LowcountryHunt #LowcountryHounds #TerrierTrials #MountedFoxhunting #HoundLife #Foxhounds #AmericanFoxhounds

Pictured here is one of Woodbrook Hunt Club’s young hounds leading the way in a recent hound challenge. He is a second-year hound that finished 5th! Huntsman, Jennifer Hansen, was pleasantly surprised and said,” Jetty is quite reserved in the kennel, and until I started scoring for the hound challenge, I had not realized how seriously he hunts! He’s still young and occasionally makes a mistake that leads him amiss. He is a hard worker and I see him trying to master his craft. I am excited to watch Jetty mature.” We love to see the development of these great hounds going well! 📸 @gltyson #Repost from Woodbrook Hunt Club #MFHA #HoundChallenge #AmericanFoxhunting #Foxhunting #MountedFoxhunting #Hounds #Houndlife #AmericanFoxhounds #Foxhounds