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Job Description


Midland Fox Hounds is a 72 year old family foxhunt located near Columbus, Georgia. The hunt countries are in Midland, Georgia and Fitzpatrick, Alabama. The game consists of coyotes, foxes, bobcats and pigs. We typically hunt 18 couple of hounds three times per week. The season is from October to March with cubbing starting in September. The hunt requires some jumping and more importantly, a lot of hard galloping over distance.The Midland country is about 5,000 acres of hilly rocky terrain. The Fitzpatrick country is 1.5 hours from the kennel and is 25,000 acres of mixed country including plantation pines and large open grasslands. We are a family-friendly, multi-generational hunt with an inclusive atmosphere.


We are seeking someone who will fit into the community we have built here.


  • Report to Ken George, the huntsman, duties include but are not limited to:
    • MOST IMPORTANTLY, Whip-in to the huntsman during every foxhunt.
    • Assist in the management of 8-10 foxhunting horses for staff use.
  • Exercise hunters, groom, and prepare the horses for the hunts
  • Drive horses to the meet sites or ride with hounds and horses to meet sites
  • Assist in the management of hounds and kennel operations
  • Help walk the hounds out on non-hunting mornings
  • Assist with prepping and showing hounds at hound shows in Virginia, Pennsylvania and other states.
  • Assist with whelping and management of puppies

Preferred Skills

  • Experience with hunting dogs and be comfortable riding outside of the ring.
  • Able to ride Western or English. If the riding background is Western, the candidate must be willing to learn how to ride in an English saddle and learn how to jump.
  • If you are not a US citizen, there is a possibility we can assist with immigration for a longer term commitment of employment.


  • Salary range is between $40,000 and $50,000 based on experience and ability.
  • A house is provided and 60% of the utilities are paid for by the employer. 40% paid for by the employees
  • Bonuses for performance.


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