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The MFHA Foundation


The MFHA Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and accepts contributions that may be tax-deductible.

The mission is to help preserve the sport of mounted hunting with hounds for future generations. The foundation accomplishes this by developing programs and communications to educate and inform the public about the sport of mounted hunting with hounds, to promote the conservation of lands, facilitate the preservation of natural habitats, and to support and encourage research on health, welfare and training of hounds and horses.


  • Providing conservation and habitat-preservation information and educational materials.
  • Publishing books, CDs, tapes and videos, and conducting seminars covering all elements of the sport, including the breeding, training and hunting of hounds.
  • Supporting research that contributes to hound health and disease prevention.
  • Upholding a Code of Hunting Practices that provides standards for its members to assure all aspects of the sport maintain good sporting practices and humane treatment of domestic and wild animals.
  • Providing information on topics like foxhunting’s continued survival, game management practices, historical treatises and how members of the mounted field can experience maximum enjoyment from the sport.

The MFHA Foundation Directors

Penny Denegre, MFH


Jeff LeHew, MFH


Sue Levy, MFH


Roderick Smyth, ex-MFH


C. Martin Wood, III, MFH