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Margaret Lindsley Warden Award


The Pack Junior Awards Program is a self-administered program that offers annual cash awards to Pack Junior members through an annual contest that encourages participation of all hunt activities. Participants can choose to focus on hound activities or horse activities.


How to Enter


Step 1: Complete ONE badge

Earn a badge by completing 100 points of offered achievements. You will receive extra consideration for completing more than 100 points.

There is no time limit, so Masters must sign off and date the application.

If you are unable to finish in 1 year, you can continue into the following year. After participating in 12 and under, you can apply in the 13-18 division when you come of age.

Step 2: Write an essay

Prompt: How is nature and conservancy important to you when participating with horses and/or hounds?

Essay length should be age appropriate. You can express yourself however you want: with words, illustrations, photos, etc.


Winners are chosen based on PJAP guidelines and announced Memorial Day weekend. Awards are sponsored by Eleanor Menefee Warriner, MFH of Hillsboro Hounds.

District Level

National Level


Each hunt can submit unlimited applicants.