Hunting Habitat Conservation Award

About the Award

The purpose of the Hunting Habitat Conservation Award is to recognize those hunts who have made significant and enduring contributions toward the preservation of habitat and biodiversity of its flora and fauna.

There is no greater threat to mounted hunting with hounds than the loss of hunting lands. We recognize hunts who work to preserve land and habitat for the future of the sport.

Guidelines for Award Eligibility

Activities to be considered may include, but are not limited to:

  • Distinctive and continuing programs for maintaining wildlife habitat – not just for foxes or coyotes – but for all fauna and flora.
  • A systematic approach to the placement of significant amounts of open lands into perpetual easement – hunting, scenic, historical, conservation, etc.
  • Fostering and supporting a conservation organization or foundation to conserve large tracts of land and the indigenous wildlife.
  • Organized efforts aimed at educating the general public – particularly the young – on the need to conserve natural resources.
  • The formation of alliances or working in concert with other conservation organizations.
  • A hunt that contributed significant efforts toward the preservation of land, open space and habitat.



MFHA Foundation
Attn: Conservation Committee
PO Box 207
Middleburg, VA 20118


Previous Winners

2023 – Keswick Hunt Club
2022 – Bridlespur Hunt
2021 – Andrews Bridge Foxhounds
2020 – Wicomico Hunt
2019 – Deep Run Hunt
2018 – Santa Ynez Valley Hounds
2017 – Middleburg Hunt
2016 – Potomac Hunt
2015 – Green Spring Valley Hounds
2014 – Wayne-DuPage Hunt & The Wayne Area Conservation Foundation and The Blue Ridge Hunt for George L. Ohrstrom, II
2013 – George A. “Frolic” Weymouth & The Brandywine Conservancy
2012 – Aiken Hounds & Hitchcock Woods Foundation
2011 – Farmington Hunt & Mr. J.B. Birdsall
2010 – Lowcountry Hunt & The Lowcountry Open Land Trust
2009 – Piedmont Fox Hounds
2008 – Genesee Valley Hunt & Genesee Valley Conservancy
2007 – Blue Ridge Hunt & Wingate Winkie Mackay-Smith
2006 – Elkridge-Harford Hounds & Manor Conservancy
2005 – Iroquois Hunt
2004 – Four Winds Foxhounds
2003 – Green Spring Valley Hounds
2002 – Wentworth Hunt & Branch Hill Farm
2001 – Live Oak Hounds & Tall Timbers Research & Camargo Hunt & Greenacres Foundation
2000 – Arapahoe Hunt
1999 – Millbrook Hunt & Duchess Land Conservancy
1998 – Orange County Hunt
1997 – Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds & Moore County Hounds