The Pack Junior Membership

Junior Membership

$20 / year

Under 18 with permission from legal guardian.

  • Member Packet:
    • 2 decals
    • 1 pin
  • Covertside Magazine: 2 issues per year
    • Spring Issue
    • Fall Hunt Roster Issue
  • MFHA Newsletter: Monthly updates on member conservation efforts, recent breakthroughs in hound and horse health and more.
  • Member-Only Events: Opportunities to mix with and learn from some of the most knowledgeable foxhunters in North America.
  • Award Eligibility: Fairly Hunted Award
kids in foreground watching hunt staff and hounds in background

Resources for Juniors

Fairly Hunted Award

A youth achievement award for participating in mounted hunting with hounds.

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Kid’s Guide to Foxhunting

This booklet is perfect for parents looking to introduce their kids to foxhunting or for kids interested in learning more. It’s a fun, illustrated, easy read.

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The Foxhunting Coloring Book

Published by the MFHA Foundation, it’s a great way to learn about what happens at a foxhunt. Available for purchase.

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Junior Hound Judging Program: Guidelines, Protocol, Score Sheets

Teaches juniors about hound breed standards in a fun and educational way. Participants will practice decision making and reasoning skills while actively assessing foxhounds. Get your junior more involved and empower their foxhunting and hound knowledge.

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Introduction to Hound Show Judging for Juniors

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Hound Conformation Video for Juniors

In this short educational video, Leilani Gray discusses hound conformation while evaluating a real hound.

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Margaret Lindsley Warden Award

The Pack Junior Awards Program is a self-administered program that offers annual cash awards to Pack Junior members through an annual contest that encourages participation of all hunt activities.

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