The MFHA upholds high standards of foxhound breeding, care, kennel management and animal husbandry. One example of the MFHA’s commitment to hound health is its support of canine research.

In 1980, the first case of Leishmaniasis was reported in an Oklahoma foxhound kennel. Since then, 33 states and two Canadian provinces have reported cases. The MFHA recognized the risk to foxhounds and all dogs. For the past decade, the MFHA Foundation has funded research on reducing tick-borne illness and Leishmaniasis at the University of Iowa and the Petersen Lab. Complete results of the study will be shared September 2021.


Guide to Leishmaniasis

This highly informative piece addresses these concerns: What is Leishmaniasis? How does it spread? How can it be prevented and managed? An invaluable resource, the MFHA Guide to Leishmaniasis should be in every kennel.

Foxhound Kennel Notebook (2022) 6th Edition

The Foxhound Kennel Notebook is a valuable resource for hunt staff about hound welfare.