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Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America

Middleburg, Virginia

About MFHA

Formed in 1907

The Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America (MFHA) is the governing body of organized mounted hunting with hounds in the United States and Canada. The club recognizes 135 member hunts.

Main activities:

  • To promote, preserve and protect the sport of mounted hunting with hounds.
  • Establish and maintain standards of conduct for mounted hunting with hounds.
  • Register eligible foxhounds in the “Foxhound Stud Book” and improve the breed of foxhounds.
  • Registration of hunts as a preliminary step toward recognition.
  • Record countries and boundaries for organized hunting establishments.
  • Recognition of organized hunts which have met MFHA standards.
illustration of mfha headquarters
MFHA Headquarters in Middleburg, Virginia


To promote, preserve, and protect the sport of mounted hunting with hounds.


We welcome a diverse and growing membership of foxhunters and supporters of all ages while fostering relationships and partnerships with likeminded organizations and the community.

Emphasis is placed on animal health and habitat conservation for the betterment of the sport. We achieve our mission through a tradition of high standards and education to empower its members.

Who can hear the cheer of the huntsman, added to the cry of the hounds and the blowing of the horn, without being inspired?”

-Thomas Smith

Core Values

  • Sportsmanship – advocate best practices in the sport of mounted hunting, horsemanship and competition
  • Excellence – uphold the high standards of foxhound breeding, care and kennel management; support research for the improvement of hound and horse health
  • Inclusion – welcome a diverse, multigenerational membership of foxhunters and supporters
  • Empowerment – enhance education and communications about hounds and mounted hunting, land and habitat preservation to the membership and the community


In 2000, the MFHA Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with a mission to help preserve the sport of fox hunting for future generations.

Founded in 1938, the Hunt Staff Benefit & Development Foundation (HSBF) provides monetary assistance to hunt staff professionals and their families in financial need.

History of American Mounted Hunting with Hounds

Mounted hunting with hounds has existed in America since colonial days. The development of the sport kept pace with the progress of the United States as it extended its influence across the Appalachians to the West Coast. Hounds of various types were brought from Europe by the early settlers. By 1900, the American Foxhound was the product of breeding their descendants with hounds that continued to be imported, mainly from England, Ireland and France.

The earliest record of the importation of hounds to this country was June 30, 1650, when Robert Brooke arrived in Maryland with his family, 28 servants and his hounds. By the early 1700s, mounted hunting with hounds mushroomed in Maryland and Virginia. In addition, hounds were used for other forms of hunting.

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