Policies & Guidelines

MFHA Policies & Guidelines

Please contact the office to purchase a copy of the guides listed below. PDF versions are available for download at the bottom of the page.

Code of Hunting Practices (2015)

This guide is aimed at ensuring that everyone who participates in our sport understands that it is their absolute obligation to maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship and good behavior at all times. The "Code of Hunting Practices" is essential to good sportsmanship and to our public image. Every staff member should have it memorized. It is condensed, easy to read and your members should know it. The revised version covers the most important concerns on issues that have an impact on our sport.

Constitution & By-Laws (2010) By-Laws of the MFHA.

Forming a Hunt: Considerations and Structure (2003) A detailed guide on forming a hunt - considerations and structure.

Foxhound Kennel Notebook (2015) 5th Edition A comprehensive kennel guide. Also a source of information and training tool for new huntsmen as they embark on their new position to care for and hunt a pack of hounds.

A Guide for Hound Shows, Puppy Shows & Performance Trials (2013) A guide to assist Masters and hunts with understanding the rules of hound shows, puppy shows and performance trials and how to organize them.

A Guide to Being a Master of Foxhounds (2015) This indispensable booklet outlines the basic competencies that are required for Masters. From kennel management to dealing with landowners, from horse care to hound, this guide is a reference useful for outlining expectations and best practices for all Masters.

Guide to Establishing a Foxhunting Camp (2015) It is important for each individual hunt club to make a concerted effort to reach out to each and every source of youthful rider and bring them into their hunt club. This how-to guide is a great vehicle to assist and encourage new participation.

Guide to Kennel Standards of Care Checklist (2013) A laminated poster to be used in kennels for reference.

Guide to Leishmaniasis This highly informative piece addresses these concerns: What is Leishmaniasis? How does it spread? How can it be prevented and/or managed? An invaluable resource, the MFHA Guide to Leishmaniasis should be in every kennel.

MFHA Guidebook & Rules (2015) The rules and customs of mounted foxhunting are difficult to set out in detail. This guidebook is not intended to be definitive in every detail, but it does contain rules, regulations and procedures that the MFHA has adopted in an effort to guide its members and its member hunts toward achieving that objective.

Guidelines for Developing a Plan to Manage Anti-hunting or Animal Rights Demonstrations (2015) This guide has a wealth of information on how to prevent a demonstration and, if you have one, what to do before, during and after a demonstration against a fox hunt. The advice is good for any organization planning an event that might result in a physical protest and includes information on: developing a plan, public relations, law enforcement , media relations, how to handle the media and their questions, dealing with animal control as well as many other related topics are all there for your hunt to organize and utilize.

Introduction to Foxhunting (2013) 4th Edition A straightforward, illustrated guide covering the basics of our sport without overwhelming a newcomer. In fewer than 50 pages, it covers history, quarry, Foxhunting 101 and 102, basic rules in the field, and insight into the role of the MFHA. Appendices include correct attire and a glossary of hunting terms. Take advantage of this member resource, provided by the MFHA Foundation, and share with potential foxhunters at summer trail rides, clinics, and hunter paces!

Performance Trial Rules and Regulations (2013) A guide to clarify and provide guidelines for Performance Trials.

Public Relations & Media Guidelines (2015) This booklet is intended to offer suggestions and guidelines for working with traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and television, social media and other media outlets in a positive fashion. It also provides suggestions for counteracting “anti” media activity. *Includes "Facts About Foxhunting" quick reference tear-out.

Rider Down An emergency medicine guide for first responders in the hunt field by Karen McKay.

Social Media Guide (2012) This booklet offers guidance on how to use Facebook and other popular media tools in ways that can promote foxhunting and individual clubs safely to a wider audience. It discusses how to administrate social media pages, how to screen content and appropriate ways to deal with comments and messages about foxhunting.

Territory Policy (2015) A guide to understanding the MFHA territory policy and issues that may arise.

The Secret World Inside the Animal Rights Agenda (2011) A guide to the secret world inside the Animal Rights agenda.

Ring Steward Guide Notes for hound show ring stewards