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Kennel Person

Job Description


We hunt Tues/Thurs/Sat from September-March. We have a kennel of approximately 75-80 hounds and have 3 staff horses. Our membership is around 100. We are a very welcoming and friendly hunt.


  • valid driver’s license
  • good references
  • experience with horses.


Duties will vary but riding starting in July/August is a must. Hours will be less in summer, approx. 20/hr week, and more during hunting season, approx. 28/hr week.

Prior to hunt:

  • grooming
  • tacking
  • cleaning

After every meet:

  • untacking

Occasional help with:

  • mowing
  • trail clearing
  • hounds

Preferred Skills

  • riding
  • driving tractors & farm equipment a plus


Pay will be commensurate with experience. Starting pay $12-$15/hour.

  • Housing is possible.
  • Free membership to hunt club for the season.
  • May bring up to three horses to our stable/pastures in addition to your salary.


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