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Job Description

We seek a full/part time Huntsman for the 2024-2025 season and beyond.


Our country traverses parts of fixe counties in Virginia: Rappahannock, Culpeper, Madison, Orange and Spotsylvania. Quarry includes red fox, gray fox and coyote. We hunt on Wednesdays and Sundays primarily with the occasional Saturday. The kennels are located in Reva, VA (Culpeper County). Rappahannock is a small rural hunt with an enthusiastic, hands on membership. While we observe all of the best traditions and formalities of hunting, we are a relaxed and fun-loving club.



  • Care of hounds and kennel to include feeding, cleaning, exercise, etc.
  • Hunt on average of 2 times per week over the hunting season, with the occasional extra day thrown in as weather and holiday’s call for.
  • Oversee hunt fixture maintenance to include trail clearing, jump building and repair, ensure functional gate ways, etc.

Preferred Skills


  • Competitive salary and benefits commensurate with the abilities and experience of the applicant
  • Workers Compensation
  • Allowance for feed and care for two horses


Additional Contact