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The Landowner Seminar

Source: Warrenton Hunt Hunt Club (No.VA District)
Purpose: Educate landowners about resources available for responsible land use and conservation; build rapport with landowners through the provision of this service

How it Works:

As Warrenton’s Joint-MFH Sue Bopp says, “In this day and age it’s a gift and honor to be allowed to hunt over a landowner’s property. One way to thank them is to offer a gift in return.” Accordingly, in 2023 her hunt offered a free “Landowner Seminar” and lunch to landowners in Warrenton’s territory. She adds, “We thought we’d get about 10 attendees, instead we got 17.”

To select seminar topics, Sue advises, “Look at what public and private educational resources are in your area, and then tailor your seminar to your landowner demographics.” For Warrenton’s first seminar, they had a county specialist talk about technical and financial resources available for residential and agricultural programs. In addition, they had a speaker from a land preservation organization describe conservation easement options.

Flyers were sent to all the hunt’s landowners, and a free space to gather was found in a local library. A local insurance agency sponsored a simple lunch. Sue comments with a laugh, “Who can resist a free lunch?” As a follow-up, electronic copies of the presentation slides were offered to all attendees.

Attendees gave the seminar high marks, especially considering the many new landowners who have limited, or no, experience in farming or rural land management. Another success indicator was their suggestions and requests for future land-related topics.

Naturally, hunts should tailor their seminars to their territories and landowner demographics. Using educational resources from local public or private entities, topics might include recommended practices and options for:

  • Historic preservation
  • Protecting animal habitat
  • Growing crops & gardening
  • Grasslands & mowing
  • Riparian buffers
  • Weed & pest control
  • Energy conservation
  • Forest management
    And whatever else would interest and serve landowners! Next year Warrenton plans a seminar about farmland leases and deductions for pasture and crop growing.

Sue concludes, “Not only was our seminar well received, but it enabled me to meet several landowners for the first time. We’ll now keep looking for more ways to give back to all our landowners for the privilege of hunting across their land.”

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