Hunt Staff Benefit & Development Foundation

Foxhunters, especially Masters, recognize and appreciate the very important part professional Hunt employees play in the operation and welfare of mounted foxhunting. The contributions of professional Hunt staff to the sport of mounted foxhunting in North America are numerous and essential. Many professionals could obtain more lucrative jobs were it not for their extraordinary love of hounds and hunting.

Professional Hunt employment offers little financial stability, as well as grueling and often hazardous duties. It is sometimes vital to the future of mounted foxhunting that these fine people be provided a "safety net" of adequate financial assistance or other relief in old age or whenever and as often as periods of disability, emergency and financial inadequacies occur.

The HSBF also assists the MFHA Foundation in its educational mission for professional development, but only for hunt staff who cannot afford to otherwise pay to improve their knowledge and skills.

The HSBF educational mission is not limited to the Professional Development program, but is limited to hunt staff. It includes educational materials such as books and CD’s and educational opportunities to enhance skills necessary to improve hunt staff abilities in the form of classes and seminars.

It provides monetary assistance to Hunt Staff professionals and their families who are in dire financial need. Grants are made only to those whose circumstances (health or financial crises) warrant our help. Grants are sometimes provided to widows and close family members of deceased Hunt professionals whose loss has devastated their lives.

The Hunt Staff Benefit Foundation was established on July 27, 1938, under Massachusetts law as a charitable trust and is now the expanded, sustainable, ongoing and improved outgrowth of that significant concept and action.

If you would like to find out more about the HSBF, please contact the Office. The grant application is below.

To make contributions by mail, send checks payable to the Hunt Staff Benefit Foundation.

Hunt Staff Benefit Foundation

PO Box 207

Middleburg, VA 20118